Earn TRON with cute kitten!

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The goal of TronGoo is to gather as much Goo as possible by producing it yourself or stealing it from others. Players are allocated daily rewards for their production percentage, so the more Goo you have the more TRX you earn! Each player starts with a free production unit, a cute kitten scientist, which produces a small amount of Goo for you every second. From that point on. it’s a race to build your Goo empire!


Produce Goo with production units and build an army with the barracks.
There is a wide variety of units available which increase your Goo production per second or add to your battle stats.

Gameplay consists of buying and upgrading units and attacking other players to steal their Goo.

For more information on battles, check out the tutorial in the Battle tab.

There are three ways to earn TRX in the game, and efficient spending of TRX is crucial for optimal returns.

The two main ways are earning from the Total Research Pot.
Every 24 hours, 8% of the Total Research Pot is distributed to players.
6% is automatically distributed for your share of the Global Goo Production.
2% is distributed among contributors to the Goo Deposit Box, based on how much Goo they have deposited.
These payouts are 12 hours apart.

The final way to earn TRX is by "flipping" items in the Item Shop.
For more information on this, check out the tutorial in the Item Shop tab.

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Patric Bomio 2 Reviews
It's okay so far, but …

It’s fun, and I like the cuteness. If you love to play games, take a look at shrimp farms and use what you gain there to pay this game here. Everything you do, costs transaction costs – And there is a lot to do, and the fees are not cheap. In the beginning, there is no chance to play this game without spending TRX: Everything you can gain from the game is absolutely nothing compared to the transaction fees. I don’t know how the “endgame” will look like, but I love the game so much, that I’m willing to find it out and spend my time on it. But I will come back and conclude this review 😉 Which says: Cute lovely game that is expensive in the beginning, but could pay out in the long run. Let’s see!

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